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My favorate show of the day

It's fall fashion week, so I figured this community needed to see some shows. So here is my personal favorate of today's shows. I'd love to see what the rest of you like as well

My favorate parts are the plaid outfits, particularly the green satany ones and the lace up boots.
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Oooh....very nice!! I love a lot of those outfits!!
I am definitely a fan of a lot of this. :)
Wow, I love them! Did you actually go to the show? If so I am very very jealous.
No I just saw them on style.com.

I live in Oregon so the closest thing we get to fashion shows is local department stores and the like.
oooh i like it though i can't help but notice marina is looking very thin :-/
(she's second from the bottom on the left, under vlada)
You're right. There are some creases there that just shouldn't be. (like the line underneath her shoulders)

Vlada is really stunning though.
Those are absolutely GORGEOUS. I like the plaid ones too, and all the black. They're lovely.
Adore the big fluffy dresses. And I want the lace up boots!
i like the gowns. or cocktail dresses.
love the first black dress - so simple, so cool
such a relief, too, that pants are not all high-waisted; and the necklaces are all gorgeous
I also love this new trend to sew on beaded patterns so they look like necklaces - saw a girl in a shopping center last week wearing one of those shirts, couldn't tell if the necklace was real or sewn on, nearly came up to her to ask =)
Wow, that metallically plaid is neat o_o

I wouldn't usually wear velvet, but those dresses are gorgeous!